PSM (Phenylpropanoid, Sesquiterpenes, Monoterpenes)

Be Young Essential Oils

$ 135.00
PSM (Phenylpropanoid, Sesquiterpenes, Monoterpenes)

When cellular communication breaks down, so does the body relying on that communication cease to function, as do the cells that can then replicate based on incomplete messages.

These proprietary essential oil blends, which communicate at the cellular level, are able to prevent the body from further deterioration and remedy existing ailments by providing the cells with the proper tools for correct cellular information. They further protect cells from the damaging misinformation originating from toxins, chemicals, stress, and other harmful influences.

Phenylpropanoid (Contains premium organic and wild-crafted: Clove Bud, Basil, Cinnamon Bark, Oregano, Anise, and Peppermint essential oils) 10 mL

Sesquiterpenes (Contains premium organic and wild-crafted: Cedarwood, Ginger, Vetiver, Carrot Seed, and Black Pepper essential oils) 10 mL

Monoterpenes (Contains premium organic and wild-crafted: Orange, Grapefruit, Galbanum, Angelica, Hyssop, and Juniper Berry essential oils) 10 mL


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