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Be Young Essential Oils

$ 50.00

Charity™ blend was specifically formulated for the Be Young signature Emotional Aromatic Touch Modality™. This combination of essential oils has a powerful balancing effect on the fourth chakra, which influences the heart. Charity™ blend is meant to balance and restore the body's energy pathways and emotions, diminishing feelings of anger, distrust, grief, or abandonment. Charity™ blend empowers the user to release bound emotions and experience overall well-being.

Contains premium organic and wild-crafted essential oils of Lemon, Orange, Geranium, Lime, Ylang Ylang, Blue Tansy.

10 mL

*Individual essential oils (singles) can be blended with others to create enhanced therapeutic effects. For example, an essential oil with powerful antibacterial properties can be combined with one possessing strong antiviral properties, creating a synergistic effect to the essential oils blended that is both antibacterial and antiviral.

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