Essential Oils

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Why Use FullyPure Essential Oils?

Because of the 13-Step E.O.B.B.D. "Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined" PURITY Guarantee!
The E.O.B.B.D. guarantee (known as H.E.B.B.D. in France) is one of only two recognized global standards for properly evaluating quality and content, and the only protocol to determine the therapeutic benefit of an essential oil.
13-Step E.O.B.B.D. "Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined" Purity Process:
1. Botanical Definition: Latin names with very specific meanings are given to each plant's genus family and species.
2. Confirmation of Producing Organ: The producing organ will determine the chemical compounds and their concentrations (leaves, bark, peel, etc.).
3. Physical Analysis: Physical health of the plant.
4. Extraction Method: Using the proper extraction method is paramount. Dry steam with minimal pressure is the desired process for 90% of essential oils. Cold expression, however, is ideal for citrus oils.
5. Biochemical Analysis (GC/MS): It is essential to measure every compound within an oil-producing plant. The EOBBD analysis requires measuring down to 0.01% of all compounds in the essential oil.
6. Refraction Index: EOBBD evaluators shine lights through the liquid oil and measure the angle of refraction. Why? Essential oils that are sealed and created under the correct parameters will refract light at a very specific index. If oils are diluted, this refraction angle changes. The refraction index is a very reliable measurement of whether or not an essential oil is pure and unadulterated.
7. Color: The color of an essential oil identifies its producing organ.
8. Density: Density will reveal whether or not an essential oil is adulterated at the atomic level.
9. Odor: The odor of a pure essential oil must be full, robust, and contain all the full notes of the plant’s true aroma.
10. Rotation Rate: An adulterated oil will stir light toward the outside of a prism, whereas a pure essential oil will draw light towards the center.
11. Appearance: Discoloration can reveal that the oil has been improperly extracted.
12. Origin of Plant: Elevation, water, insects, and soil quality are just a few of the parameters that influence an oil's quality and the compound percentages within. The same genus or species of plant, when exposed to different environmental factors, can contain significantly altered concentrations of key compounds.
13. Tracing of Batch: the EOBBD guarantee requires that an essential oil producer trace a batch from field to finished product and document every stop along that journey.
This 13-step process is what makes these the most powerfully pure essential oils, proven to get you healing results!

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